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Mon 19 Sep - Sat 8 Oct, Mon - Sat at 10pm.

About Sid

He’s not having a good day. People don’t understand him, his musical tastes are derided, his best mate is a punkrocker who died in the seventies. And his girlfriend thinks he’s lost the plot! Life shouldn’t be this hard, but for Craig nothing seems easy. He’s a loose cannon. A man alone. Almost alone. He’s got a mate. He’s got Sid Vicious. PUNK CAN’T DIE! In this new 50 minute one-man play by Leon Fleming we explore the true nature of hero worship and what it means to be punk. It’s a tale about being young and not knowing what your place in the world is. It’s the story of a young man who uses punk music and his love for long dead Sex Pistols’ bassist Sid Vicious as his way of attempting to connect with the world. It’s about feeling different. It’s about being a little bit lost. It’s about not knowing who you are. It’s about not knowing where you fit. It’s about parenting, and class, and hero worship, and what it means to be punk. And it does it with humour, while pulling no punches and going straight for the jugular.