Knights of the Rose

Knights of the Rose

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KNIGHTS OF THE ROSE is a classic rock musical of Shakespearean proportions. Featuring the ultimate playlist including legendary ballads and timeless anthems from Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler, No Doubt and many more.

In this epic tale of love, betrayal and sacrifice, the noble Knights of the Rose must defend their House and their honour. Even as the chivalrous Knights return from a glorious victory, a greater threat against the kingdom stirs. As they face the greatest battle of the Age, and betrayal threatens to tear them apart, can true love and honour triumph?

Woven from a rich tapestry of literature and high-voltage classic rock, this heroic new story charges its way into the heart of London this Summer.

Critic reviews

I hope they can find enough people who appreciate all the talent, love and hard work that's gone into this well intentioned near-miss

London Box Office

A night to remember? This Knight is a night to forget


Jukebox musicals tend to whip the audience in to a frenzy by the final number, Knights of the Rose doesn’t quite achieve that and finishes flat

Theatre Weekly

Toe-curling medieval romance set to rock ballads

The Stage

Batshit mental vanity project musical mixing up Arthurian knights and Bon Jovi

Time Out

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Fri 29 Jun - Sat 26 Aug, 3pm, 4pm & 7.30pm


Great Newport Street WC2H 7JB London, UK · Get Directions
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