My Father the Tantric Masseur Tickets London Theatre

My Father the Tantric Masseur Tickets

Part of Arcola’s festival of outdoor art and performance

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“Girls. Thailand is great. I’m on a tantric massage course. And I have learnt we store a lot of emotional trauma in our genitals. Love Dad.”

Share your story, trust someone to hear it and listen to someone else’s. It’s all we can do.

This is six year old Roann’s story, caught in the middle of her English father-turned-tantric masseur and her Muslim mother who insists on open dialogue, furiously masturbating. In this journey of self-discovery, Roann takes on sex, sexuality and power, as she navigates her life as a queer, British-Algerian woman in a show that will have you laughing, crying and pondering the name you’ve given your genitals.

Prepare to reconnect, re-examine and revel in the sheer messiness and extraordinary love we all hold within us. But most importantly, remember that three pounds stolen from your dad just isn’t going to get you on the property ladder.

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Date & time

Show ended
Sun 27 Jun 2021, 6pm
Mon 28 Jun 2021, 6.30pm
Wed 30 Jun 2021, 6.30pm & 8.30pm


24 Ashwin St E8 3DL London, UK · Get Directions
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