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Part of Arcola’s festival of outdoor art and performance, Today I’m Wiser

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Wed 13 Oct - Sat 6 Nov, 2021 3pm, 6pm & 7pm

About Broken Lad

Live comedy needs a talent to reveal the ordinary in a very special way. You have to invest in and expose your own pain Phil’s reluctant about his comeback gig. Josh dreams of the celeb status that has passed his father by. Above a pub in North London, Phil waits to go on stage. As he laments his dwindling career, his son Josh arrives believing that his dad harbours a damaging secret. With the gig hour nearing, past misdemeanours catch up with the family. Tonight, Phil’s career might not be the only thing in tatters. Comic and moving, Broken Lad is a subtle examination of masculinity in distress.