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When award-winning performer and lip synch maestro Dickie Beau realised he might never play The Dane, he decided instead to turn himself into a human Hamlet mix-tape

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Sun 19 Mar & Sun 26 Mar, 6pm

About Re-Member Me

He would channel audio recordings of great historical performances of theatre's most famous role, to "re-member" the ghosts of Hamlet from the past. Haunting the set of Robert Icke's Hamlet, this solo satellite show is the story of Dickie's failed quest to become the Über-Hamlet ... and why he got distracted on the way. Part documentary theatre, part twenty first century séance, Re-Member Me is a personal adventure in cultural archaeology and a very contemporary ghost story. It is an ode to the impermanence of personhood, procrastination, and the presence of absence on the haunted stage.